Add Value To Your Brand With Corrugated Boxes

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  • Corrugated boxes have been in existence since 1895, and by the 1900s wood was replaced by paper cartons. The inimitable corrugated packaging comes with multiple purposes. It is convenient to transport, protects the contents, conveys product information, and in most cases acts as a promotional tool for brands. When simple design features are incorporated into the packaging, it acts as a powerful propagator for the companies. 
  • Most of the time, packaging plays a pivotal role in the decision-making process of the customers. This means adding value to the box invites attention, and the consumer is ready to respond to the retailer. At the same time, every business must also be able to respond to the customers’ desires. Traditionally, once the product was taken out of its packaging, the wrapper was simply discarded. Today, brand owners are looking at packaging in a way that it enchants the consumer.

– Global Market For Branding With Corrugated Boxes

  • The global market for packaging in the e-commerce sector is predicted to reach $55 billion at a CAGR of 14.3%, by 2022 (A report by PMMI). Particularly corrugated packaging has several opportunities to meet the demands of contemporary packaging design, which will also represent more than 80% of e-com packaging. 

– The Millennial’s Expectations

  • As far as today’s consumers are concerned, their expectations about packages arriving in the mail and those shipped from retail stores are totally different. The millennial is quietly compelling changes in packaging requirements designed for them.   

Here Are Some Anticipatory Pointers:

– Positive First Impression Of The Brand And Product

  • Incorporate robust packaging that can withstand the demanding requirements of the supply chain and one which can also protect the products from breakage. In order to create a positive brand image and augment customer experience, the shipped products have to arrive devoid of damage. Choose the right kind of packaging and structural design that does not compromise on the integrity of the container. Use effective sealing and reinforcements to create the first impression of the box. 
  • For instance, probiotic supplements retailer SEED uses a delightful packaging made out of mushrooms, which also dissolves underwater. This is a great way to target eco-conscious customers. 

– Exciting And Hassle-Free Unboxing Experience

  • Consumers unboxing expectations from the retail sector are rather high. Retail ready packaging must involve hassle-free unboxing, where customers look for secure sealing that does not trigger the need for cutting tools. It means the integrity of the packaging should be maintained along with its convenience and security, both of them playing pivotal roles in the process. 

– Sustainable Packaging Solutions 

  • The circular economy model is gaining big traction and revolving around the sustainability model where consumers are looking forward to reducing pollution and their carbon footprints. Reusability, recyclability, and return are the three Rs that will augment your reputation thus, making you a brand to remember.
  • Bringing customers back time and again is the crux of building a long-term growing brand. When you invest in retention, customer loyalty will shift you off the regular treadmill to the road to finding new customers