Cardboard Boxes Are More Intricate Than You Think

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Multipack Industries provides a wide range of products to cater to the varied requirements of customers. We understand the importance of secure packaging and transportation and therefore, make every effort to exceed our customers’ expectations to build mutually beneficial relationships. Our customized corrugated boxes are epitomes of strength, reliability, and durability, as they are crafted out of materials that provide a great experience to the end-users. 


Types of Boxes

  • Customized Corrugated Boxes
  • Printed Boxes
  • Duplex Boxes
  • Multi Colour Offset Printed Corrugated Boxes with Lamination
  • Die Cut / Punched Boxes


1. Customized Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes customized in size and thickness to cater to specific needs of packaging for particular requirements. A staple for the shipping and packaging industry, MPI’s customized corrugated boxes are specially designed to accommodate your product’s complexity. It fortifies the safety of what is inside the box and meets the expectations of both the consignor and the consignee concerning as far as size, weight, shape, and deliveries. 


2. Printed Boxes

Corrugated boxes with prints display brand information and add brand recall value. Impress your customers when you look professional and present corrugated boxes with your company’s logo. Printed presentation packaging has always contributed to customer experience as you give your box, a personalized touch. 


3. Duplex Boxes 

Corrugated Boxes that are reliable and durable for high load-bearing capacity with an appealing look. Consisting of two plies or layers, the exterior of the box has a glossy sheen or white appearance due to the coated duplex. These boxes are rigid, lightweight, straight, and take on various colours according to your requirements. 


4. Multi Coloured Offset Printed Boxes

Colourful Corrugated Boxes are designed to catch the eyes of the onlooker. Offset printing offers customised inks such as Pantone and Metallic that may not be available with digital printing. Besides, offset presses on corrugated boxes run efficiently and provides the most accurate reproduction of colour. 


5. Corrugated Boxes with Lamination

Corrugated Sheets are carved into different shapes to enable printing and lamination, making them waterproof. Encompassing all the benefits of a regular corrugated box the laminated one also comes with structural strength and is considered ideal for the transportation of delicate and heavy products. 


6. Die Cut/ Punched Boxes

Corrugated Boxes that are customized with dyes and designed to fit different specifications. The boxes are made out of materials depending upon the type of product that it has to carry. These materials also possess various qualities and come with features such as strength, sturdiness, and heftiness to bear pressures and yet protect goods from damage.