The obvious benefits of corrugated packaging

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Most of the time, corrugated boxes are underestimated – but did you know these are the most used packaging for transportation?

  • In the wake of the global pandemic, almost 90% resorted to using E- Commerce – since March 2020. There has been a substantial increase in the number of first-time and 60+ age group users, inclined to use deliveries. However, experts believe that with the discovery of convenience, home deliveries are here to stay, whether the pandemic sustains or not. With changing demographics and habits, there has been a large impact on how goods are handled, stored, and distributed. Employees have to deal with supply disruptions, and with the ‘normal’ nowhere in sight, it would only mean redefining a whole new set of rules.
  • The global supply chain now must be equipped to handle changes across scale and speed also, prompting retailers to be prepared and stay flexible for the future. Packaging is a boundless necessity especially when E- Commerce expands itself to wider horizons. The industry must ready itself with a choice of prefabricated packaging options where, whether commercial or personal, corrugated boxes will become inevitable. This rather undervalued product is now widely regarded for transporting goods across destinations.

Benefits of Corrugated Boxes

Prefabricated cartons also known as cardboard boxes, are prevalent packaging materials used to relocate items.
1. Light Weight

One of the biggest advantages of corrugated containers is its lightness, due to which they can be carried and transported easily.

2. Sturdy

Built with durability, and strength, these packaged items are intact even during transportation. Of course, it also depends upon the kind of cardboard material used along with its cushioning ability and structural rigidity. With good tensile strength and burst, these are also perfect for long-distance deliveries.

3. Malleability
  • Cutting and reshaping the boxes are extremely easy. A wide range of corrugated boxes can be created by packaging designers, keeping in mind the shape and size of the requirement.
  • At Multipack Industries, we use different designs and styles to make the boxes look graphically appealing.
4. Cost-Effective

Bulk purchases of corrugated boxes are available at economical rates. These boxes are supplied throughout the year and come at the cheapest of prices.


5. Environment-Friendly

Unlike plastics, corrugated material can be recycled, reused, and reshaped. Use them for shipping or storage and ensure that you contribute to the greenery of the environment. Organic material is used without the inclusions of harmful chemicals for making corrugated boxes.


6. Pointed Corners

Hard material packaging comes with sharp edges that can be harmful. On the other hand, corrugated boxes do not encompass sharp corners. These are safe to handle and transport.


Multipack Industries provides durable corrugated boxes that can also be labelled. Reach out to us for more information.