Corrugated Packaging For The Pharmaceutical Industry

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Typically, packaging for the pharmaceutical and medical sectors must comply with safety, quality, and hygiene standards. At Multipack Industries, we use premium materials to package your products and transport them securely without damage from one point to another. With our wide-ranging sector experience and expertise, our functionally designed corrugated packaging, ensure transportation and presentation in a single route.

– Packaging For Pharmaceutical Products

Pharma commodities are manufactured at lofty technical levels and contain myriad combinations that require maximum protection during transportation. The regulation applies for road, air, and maritime based shipments and in all cases where environmental influences can have a marked impact on packaging. MPI takes all the necessary steps, including the incorporation of protective material to safeguard the product from scratches, vibrations, and external environmental influences, in general. 

Since pharmaceutical products are sensitive, they need the highest possible transit protection. Therefore, a careful selection of packaging and multi-material solutions is necessary where the outer packaging comprises of corrugated cardboard, and the interior is padded with foam or any such shock resistive material. At the destination, since these boxes are made of reliable corrugation, they are easy to unpack and use. Necessary distance between the product and the wall of the box can be achieved with pre-cut pieces embedded inside to create extra space. Our designs and dimensions are customizable according to the requirement of the product.

– Consulting

We also provide innovative packaging consultancy for the pharmaceutical sector to ensure optimization of transport. Our solutions are highly cost-effective and also minimize environmental impact. We thoroughly analyze the potential utility of the product, after which we enforce efficacy across the variety of packages that we use. 

All our solutions come with potential savings in materials and processes. Experts at MPI always try to reduce handling, storage, and logistics costs through smart and intelligent solutions that are a result of extensive analysis focused on increasing transport efficiency.

– Blended Solutions

In combination with corrugated cardboard, a wide range of materials can be used, from plastics, foam to bubble sheets to hollow chamber profiles embedded through molded pulp and wood. Assessing the level of fragility, we also customize packaging for the specific pharmaceutical product as we evaluate the effects of external fluctuations in temperature and moisture.

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