Corrugated Packaging Solutions For The Bottling Industry

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  • According to market research, the global corrugated packaging market was valued at US$ 168.09 Bn. By 2026, it is promisingly expected to rise at 5.8% CAGR. Out of this, the food and beverage sector, is the largest consumer of corrugated packaging even across the forecast period.
  • The repercussions of day-to-day activities can cost heavily for companies that are involved in the transportation of bottles when damaged. It results in delays in delivery, loss of shipping and operational costs, and other associated shortfalls.
  • One of the biggest implications is customer experience, which heavily impacts end-user encounters when they receive damaged bottles. While companies dealing in fragile items always take responsibility for the reimbursement of operating costs, it is all about taking the right preventive measures that will provide transporters with definitive solutions for common issues.
  • Multipack Industries provides a range of boxes in different styles and sizes, specially meant to safely transport fragile bottles containing liquids and other items. Our packaging is ideal for handling and shipping bottles of oil, beer, wine, and other spirits. Our first-rate packaging systems ensure that your bottles reach their destination without any damages.  With us, you can minimize breakages during transit by at least 95%. 
  • Our unique packaging along with its cuts has been designed by experts, keeping in mind the fragility of the goods transported against the chances of breakage, across a particular route. Compared to all conventional packaging available in the market, Multipack Industries provides some of the most durable boxes for your cargo.

– Padding And Compartmentalization

  • For packaging bottles, we do not use single-walled boxes. We opt for the double or triple wall so that the cargo gets extra support. Thick cardboard containers are better equipped to withstand weight, pressure, and tension. Hence, all your bottles are padded and packed well inside the box so that they do not hit against each other, causing frictional damage.

– Big And Smaller Containers

  • A greater container is used to insert the smaller bottle packaging. Thereafter, padding is placed across the spaces in the sides to eliminate risks of breakage. This is also one of the most widely accepted choice of packaging. Air cushions, liquid foam and free fill peanuts are some of the padding materials used for safe transit of the package. 

– Bubble Wraps And Other Paddings

  • Most of us are acquainted with bubble wraps and we have loved popping them too. These are also one of the most economical ways to package bottles within the cardboard boxes. Bubble wraps are invariably used in line against the wall of the cardboard box. 
  • Loose-fill peanuts made from Styrofoam or starch can be incorporated to avoid damage, as well. These do not require any special equipment and are also extremely economical. 
  • Finally, to ensure the absolute safety of your bottles and products, the packaging could include air pillows and liquid expandable foams. Choose our luxury bottle packaging for high-valued quality deliveries.
  • With more than 30 years of experience in the sector, we are well aware of the issues that can lead to breakage and damage of bottles during transit. That is why our special packaging is designed to carry bottles of spirits, liqueurs, rum, gin, vodka, and much more. The bottles are safely suspended inside the packaging so that they can travel without too much movement or friction. This way, there is a minimum or nil breakage of the shipment by the time it reaches the destination.
  • Reach out to Multipack Industries for durable boxes to package your fragile bottles.