Slotted Boxes Sturdy And Filled With Purpose

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While MPI has a range of boxes in different styles, sizes, and shapes, here are a few that have captured the hearts of the users, both due to their design and rich functionality.

– Regular Slotted Containers

Considered as one of the most common types of boxes the regular slotted container comes with flaps that have the same length. Furthermore, to meet at the center, and to enable closing of the box, the outer flaps are one-half of the container’s width. Manufacturing waste is absolutely minimal due to its highly efficient design. A pad is placed at the bottom of the box if your product needs a leveled base. The two inner flaps can also be padded, for additional protection. While RSCs have only a single wall, they can also be double- or triple walled. 

– Uses

A standard carton, the RSC has versatile uses due to its high-efficiency manufacturing. A portion of your production and distribution costs may also have economized when you use the RSC. Along with myriad other benefits, RSCs and all corrugated boxes, typically, are environmentally friendly.

You can see them used across retail and product packaging besides contributing to substantial utilitarian value as storage containers. These are a popular choice when you transport books, catalogs, products, and other related material where durable boxes are required can carry your items efficiently. 

Multipack’s RSCs are bound to meet your needs, as they are made from the very best cardboard.

– Advantages

For most, a box is just a box made out of cardboard, where you can also fill stuff into it. Generally, the intricacies of its production are grossly overlooked. But as is evident, businesses heavily rely on RSCs and other corrugated boxes for storage and transit of their materials. 

Learn all about the different kinds of boxes available with Multipack Industries so that you get the right one that best fits your product.

– Other Types

The Half-Slotted Container looks just like the RSC but does not encompass flaps at the top or the bottom. Generally, half-slotted containers are used for display purposes.

  • Semi-overlap Container is also similar to the RSC. All the flaps have the same length, except for the outer flaps, which overlap by about an inch or so, and do not meet at the center. Staples are placed through the outer flaps to close the box. For dimensionally lengthy goods, the overlapping flaps keep the box from falling apart.
  • In the Full overlap slotted container, the flaps when closed, overlay each other completely. To provide extra cushioning, and stacking strength, the bottom flaps are equipped with extra thickness. 
  • The Central Special Slotted Container has flaps of different lengths – both inner and outer. Make the flaps meet at the center by cutting them away. The product rests on a level base when placed inside the box and also has double the thickness of corrugated boxes.